LIZA Designer House

LIZA Designer House

WHere Tradition meets Style.

” Explore the exquisite world of custom-made and ready-to-wear designer collections, meticulously crafted by Maleesha Rukshani. “

LIZA Designer Wear

Embrace Elegance, Embody Style

” The Canvas of Your Personal Style. Venture into a realm where your fashion dreams transform into reality. Our bespoke services allow you to schedule a personalized appointment, opening doors to a design journey tailored just for you. Be it an occasion to celebrate or a design you covet, we are here to craft attires that encapsulate your style and echo your desires. At Liza Designer Wear, you’re not just choosing an outfit; you’re curating your unique style narrative. “

LIZA Brides

Unveiling the art of Culture.

“Welcome to ‘LIZA Brides Highlights,’ where every bride’s dream becomes a tangible reality. Explore our world of exquisite bridal designs, showcasing a blend of timeless elegance and modern trends. In this video, you’ll see our handcrafted masterpieces, each telling a unique love story. From pre-shoot ensembles to wedding and homecoming attires, watch how we transform a bride’s vision into breathtaking outfits. Dive into the artistry, passion, and precision behind LIZA Brides, the place where ‘Happily Ever After’ begins in style.”

LIZA Warehouse

Fashion Redefined, One Garment at a Time

“LIZA ReadyMades: Embrace the essence of exclusivity. Our ready-to-wear collection is the epitome of singular elegance, where each piece is a one-off creation, tailored to perfection. We’ve skillfully woven together the charm of traditional styles with a modern twist to offer you ensembles that echo uniqueness. From the vibrancy of Leheriya sarees to the enchanting flow of frilled lehengas, every design tells a tale of its own. Step into the world of LIZA ReadyMades, where your fashion is as distinctive as your individuality. It’s not just clothing, it’s a testament to your singular style.”


Indian Bridal Jewelleries

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Women's Accessories

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Read what our clients say about their LIZA experience. Learn how we’ve helped them make a statement with their unique style.

Absolutely love your work ! My jacket fit me like a glove even though it was a very heavy pearl embellished jacket . You really outdid my expectations . Thanks !

Ronny Cooray Happy Customer

Hi Akki, I received the dress and we did her Birthday shoot last week. It was really nice. And you have done a really good job. Thank you so much and I really appreciate your wonderful work 🙂

Devina Fernando A Little Customer's proud mother

Dear Maleesha, Thank you sooooo much for this Simple and Glamorous Wedding dress😍😍😍 Because of that I got this Amazing look that I wanted ❤️ So many people gave wonderful comments to my wedding dress. Because of the Simplicity it gave a beautiful look too❤️😍 All the credit goes to you. Although it is simple dress, you had to do a big work for that as I know. Thank you again for this amazing work❤️

Marian Ruwanthi Happy Bride



” In the symphony of style, every thread has its note, every color its melody. In my designs, I orchestrate these elements not just to create clothing, but to compose stories. Because, when you wear LIZA, you don’t just wear an outfit, you wear a narrative as unique as your fingerprint “